• Proulx Maple & Berry Farm
    1865 O'Toole Rd.
    Cumberland (Ottawa), ON K4C 1N2
  • 613-833-2417
  • info@proulxberryfarm.com
  • Ferme Proulx et Érablière
    1865 Chemin O'Toole
    Cumberland (Ottawa), ON K4C 1N2
  • 613-833-2417
  • info@proulxberryfarm.com



Our sweet, delicious berries are available at the farm or from our farm stands.


Mid-July to early August
Monday-Friday 7 am – 8 pm, Friday-Sunday and holidays, 7-5 or visit one of our farm stands.

Pick-Your-Own Season
Mid-July to early August
Monday-Thursday 7 am – 8 pm,
Friday-Sunday and holidays, 7-5

**Please note, we may close the pick-your-own fields early if we are picked out. We recommend that you call ahead 613 833 2417 to ensure  availability.

Raspberry picking season usually starts in mid-July and ends in early August, depending on Mother Nature. As the season approaches, we recommend that you contact us at 613-833-2417 for updates on picking conditions. Visit us daily to purchase fresh-picked raspberries. Bring a picnic and visit our petting farm and play park. You can also call ahead to have an order set aside for you.

Raspberries contain tons of antioxidants and are very good for you. Research indicates that the ellagic acid found in raspberries can help ward off cancer. They’re also delicious!

Raspberries contain 50% more antioxidants than strawberries. They belong to the rose family, and come in more than 200 varieties, including purple, black, and gold raspberries.

Picked fresh daily, ready for you at the farm store and our farm stands.
500 ml, $7
1 liter, $12
2 liters, $20
Call ahead to have an order set aside for you (613-833-2417) or have delivered at one of our satellite locations.   See “Where to buy” for listing of our off-farm locations.
$3.95/lb, $8.69/kg
Average cost for 4lt, $19-22
Average cost for 2lt, $11-12
Bring containers from home to save the $1 container fee. Containers are weighed before you pick so you only pay for your berries.
Methods of Payment

Cash, ATM, Interac (Visa/MC accepted with extra 3%)

interacvisa master_cardsml_no_dogs

Raspberries are aggregate fruits, a group of individual smaller fruits (or drupes) clustered together. Blackberries and pineapples are also aggregate fruits.
If you look closely at a raspberry, you can see that it’s made up of many parts.