• Ferme Proulx et Érablière
    1865 Chemin O'Toole
    Cumberland (Ottawa), ON K4C 1N2
  • 613-833-2417
  • proulx@proulxberryfarm.com

School Visits

Schools and Groups (20+ participants)

We invite you to visit the farm (Monday-Friday, not including holidays) for a fun, safe, and educational outing.  By reservation only

school-groupsWhy take children to the farm?
Visiting a farm is a rich, sensory experience for all ages. Whether you’re biting into a fresh-picked strawberry, hauling a pumpkin from the field, or feeling the different textures of the animals in the petting zoo, the farm is a delight to the senses. We can tailor activities for groups of all ages, from pre-school to seniors.

We offer group packages according to the season: